Zoom, Clic… Gif! at Museu Nacional

Ahomeinprogressfilm designed the new educational activity at Museu Nacional. Premiere 25 Oct!

A playful and entertaining walk through the rooms of the Modern Art collection that offers to build your own view on the artworks and museum spaces to turn it into a small animation piece.

There are always many possible stories behind the collection, and now we can also add yours. We invite you to freely roam through the Modern Art rooms and rearrange the art pieces according to your vision of the collection, being equipped with a touchscreen device with camera and some basic knowledge of the animation technique that we will give you in the beginning of activity.
With just a ZOOM and a CLIC, you will bring home an animation file of this experience, a GIF, that you can share to explain your vision!


Add your animations to the social networks with the hashtags:#zoomclicgif and #museunacional