Estudi VI, confinament primer

Letraset and other sticky letters leftovers, to write nothing. Study VI, first lockdown.

Music by Miquel Roger (Dotze Estudis per a Piano) // piano: Miquel Villalba // sheet music publisher: La mà de Guido.

SCREENINGS: Sphere World Cinema Carnival, Kolkata. May 2021 // Dérapage 20+1 Montréal. May 2021 // Fest Anča 2021, Slovakia. July 2021// Paris International Animation Film Festival. July 2021 // Videoex, Zürich. Curated by Antoni Pinent. Oct 2021 // Spanish Short Film Panorama. PyR Festival, Warsaw. Oct 2021 // Punto y Raya Festival, Vienna. Nov 2021.

AWARD: Grand Prix Dérapage 20+1. Montréal. Canada.

March 2021