Jugar al carrer

Soy Cámara was an online tv program produced by CCCB, Barcelona Center of Contemporary Culture. Released audiovisual capsules about contemporary society’s most pressing issues. This is the chapter premiered Dec 20th 2019, titled Playing In The Street:

The zoning in urban space of play, representing its segregation from the bustle and chaos of the city, destroys the very nature of play and what it has always been: learning to live together and relate with the world. This episode of Soy Cámara is a nostalgic celebration of the street as a place of growing up, which our cities may no longer be in time to recover.

Directed and written by Laura Ginés and Pepon Meneses // Edited by Laura Ginés and Taller Estampa // Soy Cámara Producer: Víctor Diago.

Thanks to Marta Sureda, Fèlix Pérez-Hita, Daniel Pitarch, Jaume Ortolà, Underpool, Cruz Rodríguez Juiz.

December 2019