• exhibition at Bòlit Girona

    CAP A LES DEUS -una gramàtica fluvial- Artists: Enric Ansesa, Eva Cau, Anna Dot, Christophe Farnarier, Laura Ginès, Jordi Isern, Víctor Masferrer, Associació Milfulles, Jordi Mitjà, Pere Noguera, Arnau Obiols, Josep Maria Oliveras, Perejaume and Job Ramos. Curator: Ingrid Guardiola.   Oct 8th 2021 – Jan 9th 2022 Bòlit_PouRodó i Bòlit_LaRambla

  • Collective virtual exhibition

    My collaboration with Kruppa Gallery (Wrocław, Poland) has been released. Published exactly one year later, our video essay Playing in the street gains new meanings, placed in a new context of pandemic reality. You can see it next to the amazing work Covid Playgrounds by Post Noviki.The project The Virtual Canvas is an online exhibition…

  • Animating led lights

    First collaboration with artist Anna Carreras. A tiny low-resolution video that was exhibited Feb 14th-16th in her amazing object Llum a les desigualtats, during LlumBcn event.

  • Ready-made cinema project

    With colleagues of A Home In Progress Film (Pepon Meneses and Rafa Castañer) we’ve been working with Arts high school students of IES Mollet locating ready-made cinemas in their city. The map we’ve produced will be shown until April in L’Aparador, a wonderful museum window at Museu Abelló. A season called Ficcions Urbanes is curated by Mixité. Opening…

  • p r e m i e r e

    Funded by Kreas’18 (Ajuntament de Girona) this tiny movie theatre was introduced on June 6th 7 p.m. at La Volta. Built in collaboration with Pepon Meneses and Noemí Batllori it will display an urban phantasmagoria by Blanca Viñas.

  • ‘Our Notebooks’ at La Volta until July 5th

    Les nostres llibretes, the exhibition about this animated project, can be visited at La Volta (Plaça de l’Assumpció, 15. Girona) until July 5th. Email us: info@femlavolta.cat. Thanks to Marta Sureda, Victor Masferrer and Montserrat Moliner who made it possible. This is a documentary project about family trips, work meetings and learning to write.  

  • Exhibition opening

    June 7th 7:30 pm Opening of the exhibition ‘Les nostres llibretes’ a wip animated project by Laura Ginès at La Volta, an amazing place in Girona. Illustration, Animation and Archive are the topics of the monthly market of La Volta project. On Saturday 9th. Thanks, Marta Sureda! This is a documentary project about family trips, work meetings and…

  • Reading Palau i Fabre poems

    I’ve been invited to make a film about one of Palau i Fabre’s poems for an exhibition that commemorates the centenary of his birth. Jo sóc el meu propi experiment. From 18th May to 5th October 2017 at Fundació Palau. Caldes d’Estrac. Barcelona. With Ignasi Aballí, Arnal Ballester, Enric Farrés Duran, Julià Guillamon, Llamazares & Pomés, Núria Martínez-Vernis, Manel…

  • Two films in a collage exhibition

    Collage amb cos de dona. March 15th – April 4th 2016. Curated by Cloe Masotta. With Aniola Guilera, Arantxa Rueda, Marta Sureda, Paqui Timoneda, Pia Pi and Colectivo Dostopos. Opening tonight, March 15th at 19:00h. Centre Cívic Sagrada Família. Promotional collage by Cloe Masotta.