• Cinema d’espiell

    This is a tiny and portable movie theater funded by Kreas’18 (Girona’s City Council cultural program). The first prototype has been installed in La Volta. It was built in collaboration with Pepon Meneses and Noemí Batllori. #1 Blanca Viñas. Girona. June 6th – 24th, 2019. #2 Lina. Laura Ginès. Barcelona. May 11th – July 22th, 2022.…

  • Avinguda

    Avinguda is an installation for Bòlit, Girona Contemporary Art Center. A film, a poster and an object. The exhibition Towards the Springs is a pretext for creating a transitional community of works, most of which feature artists who have worked extensively on the relationship between art and nature, focusing in particular on the riverine culture.…

  • Grafia animada per a després del diluvi

    The audio-visual installation comes to life through the viewer: the formation of sound and moving imagery begins as soon as the keys of an electric piano are being played. The installation was developed with the support of a Kreas grant (Girona, Spain 2021). Idea and realisation: Laura Ginés Bataller in collaboration with Pepon Meneses Gutiérrez,…

  • exhibition at Bòlit Girona

    CAP A LES DEUS -una gramàtica fluvial- Artists: Enric Ansesa, Eva Cau, Anna Dot, Christophe Farnarier, Laura Ginès, Jordi Isern, Víctor Masferrer, Associació Milfulles, Jordi Mitjà, Pere Noguera, Arnau Obiols, Josep Maria Oliveras, Perejaume and Job Ramos. Curator: Ingrid Guardiola.   Oct 8th 2021 – Jan 9th 2022 Bòlit_PouRodó i Bòlit_LaRambla

  • Ritme i accent

    June 2021. Text on paper animation workshop. I’ve been invited by Germán Chamorro to work with graphic design students of Escola ILLA. It looks like a summer camp, in a lovely place. You can see some outcomes here. Thank you all!

  • p r e m i e r e

    Funded by Kreas’18 (Ajuntament de Girona) this tiny movie theatre was introduced on June 6th 7 p.m. at La Volta. Built in collaboration with Pepon Meneses and Noemí Batllori it will display an urban phantasmagoria by Blanca Viñas.

  • Collect to animate

    Tancat per inventari has been a weekend animation workshop in Girona. We’ve been happy gleaners and animators, and all objects and sounds of our film become from La Volta‘s square. This was the team: Anna Mitjà, Assumpta Planas, Cloe Masotta, Joan Corominas, Marta Sureda, Paula Lausin, Xavi Ramiro, Pepon Meneses and Laura Ginès.  «He had beside the…

  • Exhibition opening

    June 7th 7:30 pm Opening of the exhibition ‘Les nostres llibretes’ a wip animated project by Laura Ginès at La Volta, an amazing place in Girona. Illustration, Animation and Archive are the topics of the monthly market of La Volta project. On Saturday 9th. Thanks, Marta Sureda! This is a documentary project about family trips, work meetings and…