Martina Rogers

  • Grafia animada per a després del diluvi

    The audio-visual installation comes to life through the viewer: the formation of sound and moving imagery begins as soon as the keys of an electric piano are being played. The installation was developed with the support of a Kreas grant (Girona, Spain 2021). Idea and realisation: Laura Ginés Bataller in collaboration with Pepon Meneses Gutiérrez,…

  • The night Frankenstein was born

    This year, our animation workshop with Culturnautes (cultural summer camp for kids at CCCB) was about Mary Shelley, poetry and bodies. We were making «arms, eyes and anger» for a monster that became alive during the closing show.

  • AHIPF: animation summer camp at Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

    It was really great to make a film with those 54 «culturnautes». L’era de la medusa is the workshop result, and here you can see what happened during those 5 days travelling to the jellyfish’s era.

  • We met MostraFilmsDones

    Proud of being part of an amazing animated program at 25a Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones. Barcelona. Martina Rogers and me answered some questions before the screening.