som joguines

  • Film screening at Zumzeig Cinema

    Our three short films made with toys were shown at Zumzeig Cinema, Barcelona, last Saturday. Curated by Esther Vilà, the program included a presentation of the whole Som Joguines project, a video essay by Marta Sureda and Fèlix Pérez-Hita and a folioscope installation built in collaboration with La Volta (Girona).  

  • Presentation of ‘Som Joguines’ animated work

    Two years after we started to work with Som Joguines, last Friday Nov 30th this animated triptych was premiered in the museum has been hosting us, in Figueres. The toys of  Museu del Joguet de Catalunya  collection helped us to satirize about ourselves: alterity, war and the relationship with other animals. In a few days we’ll show in Barcelona too. Stay tuned. Be…