Victor Sastre

  • The night Frankenstein was born

    This year, our animation workshop with Culturnautes (cultural summer camp for kids at CCCB) was about Mary Shelley, poetry and bodies. We were making «arms, eyes and anger» for a monster that became alive during the closing show.

  • AnimationQuartet interview

    Congaborealis is an online platform from San Francisco connecting art from the north and the south and they enjoy showcasing the art of mid-career and emerging artists, specifically in the field of print and experimental film. Last week at Congaborealis Carousel Interview Series and as Animation Quartet (Rafa Castañer, Laura Ginès, Pepon Meneses & Victor Sastre), we answered some questions…

  • AHIPF: animation summer camp at Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

    It was really great to make a film with those 54 «culturnautes». L’era de la medusa is the workshop result, and here you can see what happened during those 5 days travelling to the jellyfish’s era.

  • New screenings of AnimationQuartet#1

    June 23rd Cinema Gelnhausen, Germany, Visual Music Award Show 2017. June 18-25 Melbourne International Animation Festival.  July 13th Mostra de Films de Dones, Plaça de Sant Pere, Barcelona.

  • AnimationQuartet#1 in Karlsruhe

    Our film AnimationQuartet#1 will be in sixth edition of the most abstract festival in the world, only dots and lines. October 20th through 23rd at ZKM, Karlsruhe (Germany).

  • Animation Quartet #1 in Dérapage16

    Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que notre film Animation Quartet #1 à été sélectionné pour être projeté lors de la Grande soirée DÉRAPAGE 16 qui se tiendra mardi le 3 mai à la Cinémathèque québécoise, Montréal. Great!

  • First screening of Animation Quartet #1

    Tengo Miedo and Animation Quartet #1 are part of the animated programme: Marabunta. 19 December 2015. 11.00h / 16.30h Hangar, Barcelona. Curator: Marcel Pié Barba