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El Poema

Installed in a box with pepper’s ghost effect, this is a silent film based on a poem called The Poem by Josep Palau i Fabre. I worked the decomposing of the poem, written in three parts (the music, the words and the argument), in an installation that overlaps three layers of the same film: text, photographic image, and animated abstract drawings.

The exhibition Jo soc el meu propi experiment, where 13 different artists performed the poet’s work, was comissioned by Fundació Palau and Institució Lletres Catalanes.

Curator: Julià Guillamon. Exhibition design and device: Llamazares Pomés.

2018 tour:
Fundació Palau. Caldes d’Estrach.
Palau Robert. Barcelona.
Espai Santa Caterina. Girona.