Anna Carreras

  • Llum a les desigualtats

    Llum a les desigualtats is an artwork conceived by Anna Carreras and ordered by Òmnium Cultural. A bright object that visualizes data about different kinds of inequalities that are over the world: gender violence, migration deaths, ecological disasters, … Pepon Meneses and me animated the contents. Artist: Anna Carreras // Producer: Òmnium Cultural // Assembly:…

  • Grafia animada per a després del diluvi

    The audio-visual installation comes to life through the viewer: the formation of sound and moving imagery begins as soon as the keys of an electric piano are being played. The installation was developed with the support of a Kreas grant (Girona, Spain 2021). Idea and realisation: Laura Ginés Bataller in collaboration with Pepon Meneses Gutiérrez,…

  • Animating led lights

    First collaboration with artist Anna Carreras. A tiny low-resolution video that was exhibited Feb 14th-16th in her amazing object Llum a les desigualtats, during LlumBcn event.