• Collective virtual exhibition

    My collaboration with Kruppa Gallery (Wrocław, Poland) has been released. Published exactly one year later, our video essay Playing in the street gains new meanings, placed in a new context of pandemic reality. You can see it next to the amazing work Covid Playgrounds by Post Noviki.The project The Virtual Canvas is an online exhibition…

  • Animating led lights

    First collaboration with artist Anna Carreras. A tiny low-resolution video that was exhibited Feb 14th-16th in her amazing object Llum a les desigualtats, during LlumBcn event.

  • video essay ‘Playing in the street’

    Soy Cámara (online tv program produced by CCCB) releases every Friday new audiovisual capsules about contemporary society’s most pressing issues. Chapter released Dec 20th is titled Playing In The Street, and it was directed by Pepon Meneses and me. The zoning in urban space of play, representing its segregation from the bustle and chaos of…

  • p r e m i e r e

    Funded by Kreas’18 (Ajuntament de Girona) this tiny movie theatre was introduced on June 6th 7 p.m. at La Volta. Built in collaboration with Pepon Meneses and Noemí Batllori it will display an urban phantasmagoria by Blanca Viñas.

  • Noah’s Ark in New Mexico

    An L‘Alternativa selection of Spanish Experimental Cinema Made By Women. 7pm Thursday 7 April 2016. Experiments In Cinema v11.4 Guild Cinema, Alburquerque. New Mexico. Thanks, Patricia!

  • city#03: FROZEN** *

    City portrait of Reykjavík, shot during Punto y Raya Film Festival 2014.

  • city #02


  • Haratarah

    HARATARAH is the resulting piece of the animation workshop Kartografia animatua, conducted by Izibene Oñederra and Laura Ginès. Interview

  • Cartografía animada

    Animation workshop in Arteleku 18/08 to 05/09 2014. Directed by Izibene Oñederra and Laura Ginès. Sign up until 08/08 Tomando como centro neurálgico el nuevo lugar de Arteleku, proponemos desplegar el mapa y crear rutas diarias de exploración, trazando un círculo de 225 metros a la redonda. Experimentando cada rincón aquí y ahora; capturando la forma…