• Ritme i accent

    June 2021. Text on paper animation workshop. I’ve been invited by Germán Chamorro to work with graphic design students of Escola ILLA. It looks like a summer camp, in a lovely place. You can see some outcomes here. Thank you all!

  • short walk during quarantine

    March 2020. We went for a walk. Together. With students of Máster en Ilustración y Cómic ELISAVA: Daniel Gómez, Laura Mestre, Santiago Romero, Felipe Castro, Tomás Valenzuela, Alicia Fernández, Marta Gràcia, Susana Henríquez, Annika Sapper, Montse Abufarhue, Tessi Rodríguez, Alonso Chunga.

  • A single day with students of LCI Barcelona

    Last Friday I spent the morning with graphic design students of LCI Barcelona. We were animating words and sounds on paper, and I’m happy with the outcomes. I want to thank the invitation to Nuri Yebra.

  • Two workshops at Escola Illa Sabadell

    I’ve visited twice Escola ILLA at Sabadell during the lasts months, to work with their Graphic Design and Illustration students.  For only a few days we have been animating their images with a very experimental approach. I wanna really thank the invitation to Germán Chamorro and Christian Inaraja.

  • 80 years of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War

    Graphic motion video in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Produced by the EUROM and DIPLOCAT, the video contains images from the historical archives of Biblioteca Pavelló de la República/Universitat de Barcelona, Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona, Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya, Yad Vashem Photo Archive and Manuel Moros ©…

  • New film for Baltasar Porcel exhibition

    The exhibition Baltasar Porcel. Mallorca, Barcelona, the World, being presented at the Palau Robert and later at the CaixaForum Palma, recalls and pays tribute to one of the most important figures of contemporary Catalan literature. We made one of the animated works of this exhibition. With a script by Julià Guillamon based on a Porcel’s…

  • New film for El Més Petit de Tots

    We made again the promo film of EL MÉS PETIT DE TOTS. Thanks, Miquel Puig for the beautiful image.

  • Illustration award for Bombollavà

    Our work for Bombollavà (Companyia Pep Bou) won the animation category at Junceda Awards 2015. Barcelona. All the winners here.

  • premiere of ARTS I OFICIS

    We’ve designed the opening credits for the TV program Arts i Oficis (Canal33, Televisió de Catalunya). First episode on 22 January 23:30h. In collaboration with Pepon Meneses.

  • el més petit de tots

    Welcome to the tenth edition of EL MÉS PETIT DE TOTS. This festival, which was born 10 years ago in Sabadell, broadens its outreach through the territory, and it is offered in 10 cities. We made the promo for the festival.