• Ritme i accent

    June 2021. Text on paper animation workshop. I’ve been invited by Germán Chamorro to work with graphic design students of Escola ILLA. It looks like a summer camp, in a lovely place. You can see some outcomes here. Thank you all!

  • workshop in Wrocław

    November 2020. Animation workshop about found object as a flip-book. I’ve been invited by Agnieszka Jarząb to work with a student’s group of the Akademia Sztuk Pięknych in Wrocław. The workshop was online, but it was very inspiring to share stuff with them: Julia Łebek, Anna Wacławek, Marta Oleksy, Modesta Gorol, Julita Dąbrowska, Pola Hajduga and Emilia Skwarska. Thank you all.

  • Bioscopi ·· animated identity stories

    Produced by CCCB is a proposal to give people a voice, a tool to create small identity stories from the language of animation and to be able to be part of a collective film that will become the biography of a site. A project by the Educational Department of CCCB directed by Susana Arias // Original idea…

  • workshop at Cineteca Madrid

    Mancha y chasquido. Animation on paper workshop for any age participants. Oct 17th-18th. Animario’20, Festival Internacional de Animación Contemporánea de Madrid. It was great to work with people again! Thanks Bea Bartolomé, Carolina López, Gonzalo de Pedro and Cineteca‘s team. The filmmakers were: Dani, Adrián, Pablo, Borja, Nacho, Pilar, Estefanía, Victor, Yago, Bruno, Susana, Nico, Eli, Tomás,…

  • La Luna

    New music video produced in our studio and directed by Pepon Meneses. La Companyia Minimíssima performs La Luna.

  • short walk during quarantine

    March 2020. We went for a walk. Together. With students of Máster en Ilustración y Cómic ELISAVA: Daniel Gómez, Laura Mestre, Santiago Romero, Felipe Castro, Tomás Valenzuela, Alicia Fernández, Marta Gràcia, Susana Henríquez, Annika Sapper, Montse Abufarhue, Tessi Rodríguez, Alonso Chunga.

  • Once upon a time…

    This picture was taken on March 3rd at Escola Illa (Sabadell, Barcelona) during a workshop with illustration students. Unfortunately the workshop couldn’t end because of the emergency lockdown. But I want to thank Christian Inaraja for the invitation. All the students, too. See you!

  • A single day with students of LCI Barcelona

    Last Friday I spent the morning with graphic design students of LCI Barcelona. We were animating words and sounds on paper, and I’m happy with the outcomes. I want to thank the invitation to Nuri Yebra.

  • 2nd edition of BAU gif workshop

    November 16th will start the animated GIF workshop I’ll teach at Escola BAU, Barcelona. BAU’s Workshops are proposed specialized courses during the academic year to provide additional specific training to students and design professionals and anyone interested in communication, creativity and art. Animations in this post were made by first edition students. 16th and 23rd November. 14th and…

  • teaching animation at IED Barcelona

    By SUMMER COURSE IN CREATIVE VISUAL COMMUNICATION JUNIOR. IED Barcelona. With Andrés, Sofia, Judith, Olivia, Ada and Maria. 

  • Award at VMA’17

    HAPPY. Our AnimationQuartet#1 has been awarded in Gelnhausen’s Visual Music Award! Proud to be among such prominent artists and animators. Thank you! VMA is an international creative competition of visual music. AnimationQuartet#1 is a musical piece for four instruments. Performed by Rafa Castañer, Laura Ginès, Pepon Meneses and Victor Sastre.

  • Toupie fantoche workshop result

    1st and 2nd March I was invited to visit University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova by Animac’17. Some kids, their families and hospital classroom’s workers were playing with a toupie fantoche. It was great.

  • 80 years of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War

    Graphic motion video in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Produced by the EUROM and DIPLOCAT, the video contains images from the historical archives of Biblioteca Pavelló de la República/Universitat de Barcelona, Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona, Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya, Yad Vashem Photo Archive and Manuel Moros ©…

  • The Flipbook Garden at Indivendres

    The Flipbook Garden is both an introductory animation workshop for children and an ongoing creative project. After letting their marker pens colour the paper by chance (planting a flipbook), participants draw their own flipbook (reaping the harvest). This is a moving animation workshop designed by Ahomeinprogressfilm. Bookcase built by Maiparacas. See you in La Bisbal, Indivendres.

  • New film for Baltasar Porcel exhibition

    The exhibition Baltasar Porcel. Mallorca, Barcelona, the World, being presented at the Palau Robert and later at the CaixaForum Palma, recalls and pays tribute to one of the most important figures of contemporary Catalan literature. We made one of the animated works of this exhibition. With a script by Julià Guillamon based on a Porcel’s…

  • New film for El Més Petit de Tots

    We made again the promo film of EL MÉS PETIT DE TOTS. Thanks, Miquel Puig for the beautiful image.

  • animated found footage film at Vienna Independent Shorts

    They said ‘utopia’ was a rainbow, some flying things, hats, colorful rockets, rare creatures, illuminati and crazy hair. And they made this film. A film by 4th grade students of Anton-Kriege-Gasse high school in cooperation with MuKaTo. Thanks, Thomas, Karo and Peter. And thanks Beate. Music jammed by The Muddy Basterds. Vienna 2015.